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So back in Pearl I had a male Mismagius in my main line-up. This was the gen that had the stickers you could add to pokeballs and make them do flashy stuff when they were summoned. So I named my Mismagius Bishamon and loaded it’s ball down with as many pink bubbles and glitter stickers as I could physically put on there so every time I summoned it, it would explode onto the scene in an explosion of pink bubbles and bishie sparkles…

… and somehow my friends were still amazed when I came out. 

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Clergy Rebukes Media for Asking Wrong Questions About Amendment One

May 6th, 2012 - In a press conference held in Greensboro, North Carolina, Clergy from around the state gathered together to pray for the wisdom of it’s citizens regarding the May 8th vote on Amendment One. In that conference, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber took the time to rebuke the media for asking the wrong questions regarding the amendment.

I have watched this thing like six times now. Seeing religious leaders step up and call for marriage equality gives me hope. I love how he emphasizes that this is not a matter of how people feel on the issue. It comes down to should one group have the power to limit the rights of another. Seeing as this man is a reverend, I have reason to believe he is a very religious person, and yet he sees the danger in allowing people to use the government to enforce ones religious views.

In the United States we have freedom of and from religion. I’ll have the remember that line. It is a powerful one, and it is a truth about the founding of this country that has been sorely forgotten by the general public. 

Here is how freedom of religion works. Not being able to force others to live by the tenets of your religion does not limit or harm your religion. Forcing other people to live by the tenets of your religion limits and harms their religious freedom. This argument that marriage is dictated by god directly affects others’ religious freedoms.

Why are atheists now beholden to the a rules of marriage as dictated by a limited reading of an ancient text? An interpretation that is not even completely accepted within the ranks of the Christian community. I know of several Christian churches and communities who support gay rights, who support marriage equality, and who oppose all laws like this to limit religious freedom.

Do you know how many sects of Christianity there are? How many sub-sects of Christianity? There was recently a major split among the Presbyterian churches over allowing openly gay people to serve as leaders in their churches. Splits like this happen all the time. They are normal. The congregations are allowed to decide how they wish to observe their religion. You don’t like that brand of Christianity? Go find a congregation you agree with. What you do not do is go to the government and get them to strip the rights of everyone who does not agree with your particular blend of religion.

There are congregations that do not allow the playing of instruments in a service. They have specific scripture passages to back up their decision, and it is their decision. They can choose to have the entire service done a cappella. They are free to do so. It is their right to do so. The problem arises when a group of churches who have this same idea bands together to petition the government to stop all other churches from playing the organs, and guitars, and violins during their hymns. The church down the road having their happy, clappy, modern worship service does not in any way demean or diminish their churches solemn hymns.

If you go to a Church of Christ service and ask a random elder there and ask then “Why do we not use organs like the church down the road?” They would most likely quote the bible passage that they choose to adhere to in not having instrumentation in their hymns. If you were to then to ask “Well then why do we not petition the government to make these other churches adhere to the correct version of the gospel?” the same elders would look at you like you are insane, and yet there is a huge fervor in this country over forcing all people, regardless of religious affiliation, to adhere to a narrow reading of one particular religious group’s religious scripture. 

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Top Churchman, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, on Gay Marriage Row: What next, let 5 marry each other?


“The Government is about to launch a consultation on same-sex marriage, asking whether is should, or should not be introduced.

The question may seem harmless- civil-partnerships have been in place for several years now and allow same-sex couples to register their relationship and enjoy legal protection.
Supporters claimed they didn’t want marriage, accepting it had only ever meant the legal union of man and woman.
But those of us who were not in favour if civil partnerships warned that, in time, marriage would be demanded too.
We were accused of scaremongering yet that is what is now demanded.

All the legal rights of marriage are already available to homosexual couples.
This is about a tiny minority of activist hell-bent on redefining marriage for all society.

It will have huge effects. Marriage is one of the fundamental building blocks on which society is built. All the world’s greatest religions define it as a relationship between man and woman and that’s how our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents defined marriage too.

David Cameron wants to take tradition, history and culture and throw them in the bin and come up with a new definition of marriage.
If it can be a relationship between two men or two women then why stop there? Why not allow three men, or a woman and two men, to constitute a marriage.
If marriage is simply about adult who love each other, then why stop three adults who love each other from marrying, or four, or five?

Marriage has always existed in order to bring man and women together so children will have a mother and a father- Something all children deserve.

No matter how supportive they may be, a same-sex couple, can’t be a mum and a dad. Same-sex marriage would, by law, destroy the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child.

In Massachusetts which legalised gay marriage, school libraries were forced to stock same-sex literature and primary school children were given homosexual stories such as ‘King and King’. Education suddenly had to comply with what was deemed as ‘normal’.

I hope many respond to the Government’s consultation and consider signing the petition to support traditional marriage at ‘’

Marriage was around long before any state or government. It was not created by governments and should not be changed by them. INSTEAD, they should recognise the benefits marriage brings to society - they should protect it, not dismantle it.”

Now, I just want to show you guys this. This was in the Sun newspaper today and it pissed me off.
This guy seems to assume, like all the rest, marriage between same-sex couples will destroy society. No, it wont you idiot.

I can see what you mean about marriage being between Man and Woman. I believe that yes, it should be, if you want to be married in CHURCH. But why can’t a same-sex couple go to a register’s office, like so many heterosexual couples do, and get married? A civil-partnership basically mean the government know you’re a couple, whereas marriage is about being with the person you love in union.

Comparing same-sex marriage to bigamy is a ridiculous thing to do, it has no grounds at all. Yes marriage should be between people who love each other, but what you have is an invalid argument.

The thing I want to get to is this, THIS PART PISSED ME OFF THE MOST:
“Marriage has always existed in order to bring man and women together so children will have a mother and a father- Something all children deserve.

No matter how supportive they may be, a same-sex couple, can’t be a mum and a dad. Same-sex marriage would, by law, destroy the basic idea of a mother and a father for every child.”

I am sorry, but I do not understand how being married allows a child to have a mother and father! My parents weren’t married when they had me and they have loved me and been a mother and father to me for 3-4 years before they got married. I think I’ve turned out very well.
There as some children with, un-married parent’s who still have mother and fathers and even single parent’s who are still most likely better parent’s than you could be.

Saying that a same-sex couple wouldn’t do as good a job at being a mum and dad is just plain stupid. You are saying that because they are both men or both women they cannot be a mother/father. NO, okay, they cannot be in the sense of being a woman/man, but they can still be a fucking parent and raise a kid with love and in a safe environment. You argument is just stupid.

GAY PEOPLE WILL GET MARRIED… The world wont implode, society won’t crumble, your fucking hair wont set fire. Simply a same-sex couple will get married and that’s that.

Oh and also… Homosexuality was present in many species including humans before religion came into view… So umm… Before you have a go at the governments for changing their view on marriage, how about you look in the mirror at how you changed your view on us.

THANKS ass hole :) 

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