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What haircut did you go with?
I dunno. I asked for the Tenth Doctor look, but...
So Half Doctor?
Nah. It doesn't look anything like Donna.

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I really like Clara. She’s kind of like the bizarro Donna for 11. I’ll explain better, just give me a second. So back in 10’s run, he had Donna, who was pro as heck because she did not put up with any of 10’s shit, and 10 had a lot of shit to put up with. Not the least of which was his penchant for not knowing when to stop being a dick. (Which is actually what got him killed in the what-if ‘verse) So 10 liked to go way overboard, especially at the end of his run because he had this god complex (which spilled over into 11s run a bit.) Donna was there to sass him out and slap him back to reality.

Now fast forward a few seasons, 11 is a sad and broken man after losing his family. 11 has gone from full on god complex to a martyr complex, but he still doesn’t know when to cut the crap. Now, I know a lot of people were clamoring for Donna to return, but I don’t think she would work well with 11. When Donna sassed out 10 he would sass right back, but then be all like, wait a tick. That makes a load of sense. Maybe I have been a total douchelord. I’ll dial it back a bit. If Donna were to lay into 11, he would just sort of mope around like a kicked puppy, and then do the thing anyway.  

But with Clara, she would see that The Doctor would get this sort of self-destructive tunnel vision going on where he fixates on a terrible outcome and then sets out to do it anyway. Rather than screaming at him until he gets some sense knocked into him, she sits him down and pats him on the head and explains very calmly “Honey, you’re being a little self-destructive turd burglar again. Wouldn’t it be better if you stop being a shitlord and actually do something constructive for a change?” And then he gets all giddy and happy and gets a spark of inspiration and saves the day. 

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I just realized that that little kid who was following Strax around giving directions (Thomas Thomas) was a reference to the TomTom GPS systems.

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I love your vocabulary!
I wish to obtain it!
Well, theoretically you could also obtain it.
But that would be some freaky deaky planet Midnight shit right there.

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Wait. Guys. The Time Lord high council placed the four beat rhythm in The Master’s head, right? Does that mean they have been Master-baiting the entire time they were in the Time Lock?

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I am a terrible friend.

Friend (recently started watching Doctor Who):
No! Donna can't die! Tell me she'll be alright!
Don't worry. She'll be all right.
-5 minutes later-
No! This is even worse! You said she'd be all right!
That was special time lord code for not really all right at all.

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Moffat is a great storyteller and a brilliant writer, but he really likes to just like give your feelings a nice warm glass of milk, send them to bed, tuck them in all nice and comfy, and then just piss all over them. 

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