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Masashi Hamauzu
Blinded By Light


“Blinded By Light,” Masashi Hamauzu - Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack

“I remember that I worked hard on this piece in order not to let people down. I tried to create something which can deliver the sense of the game and have a catchy melody without being too straightforward…then finally, ensure to repeat the highlight part of the music…I asked (Ryo) Yamazaki to add a taste of rock music to it, and I don’t think we could add such a sense of speed without him…I rearranged it so many times after that, but I still couldn’t create something definite.

“When I brought the melody burnt on a CD back home, my little daughter came to me saying “you should add a flute sound to it,” thinking there were high tones missing in the tune that I created. Since then, I added a soft violin tone with an octave high to it and then it sounded like it worked perfectly.”

-Composer Masashi Hamauzu on the creation of “Blinded By Light”

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